Snow tipped mountains with crystal blue lakes

Dreamy light from golden hour sweeping across the mountains

Mountains and love stories will always be synonymous in my eyes. It could be because of my own experience of eloping in the mountains, but I also think that there’s an atmosphere of romance when you’re standing next to the love of your life and being immersed in the natural world.

Michaella and Drew knew that they wanted to commemorate their biggest adventure yet, which was making the cross-country move to Colorado, by choosing a location for their engagement photos somewhere where the mountains stood out. During our call together, M & D said that they would love to have photos with mountainous landscaped the iconic fall colors that Colorado is known for. Having that in mind, I scouted out some options that could wow them for their session and presented them with some options. We landed on Twin Lakes for the views it had to offer and the panoramic forests boasting the seasonal foliage. 

the couple in frame is walking a waterfront trail with the sun shining between clouds and mountain peaks

One of many Colorado hidden gems

Twin Lakes is rural community nestled between Mount Elbert and La Plata Peak in central Colorado. This region of the state is a personal favorite, with its stunning views and access to many recreational activities, it’s definitely worth the trip to visit. During the spring and summer months, you can mind many travelers hiking the trails, fishing from the lakes, or camping under the stars. In the fall and winter season, there’s much less traffic as the weather is changing and making trek out to the mountains more challenging. However, we timed it perfectly with the seasons and managed to get to a little bit of precipitation during the shoot but the rain didn't down our mood and we kept moving right along.

A cloudy mountain range parted by a sliver of golden light to reveal an open meadow at the bottom of the foothills

M & D met during their college years with overlapping friend groups and bonded over their interests, hobbies, and sense of humor. They really enjoy going to live shows from their favorite bands and spending time with their fur children, Ollie and Bean. I admire the dedication to prioritizing every Friday for a date night adventure, whether that’s trying out new foodie places or getting to go to a concert. They’re they perfect match for each other, you can tell by how they hold each other and be present in every moment of this session. 

Scroll through these photos and get a glimpse of a mountain adventure session in Colorado!

Photography | Brody Lee Photo Co.