two day elopement spent in a mountain town

Can you imagine marrying the love of your life amid sweeping views of the mountains with the fall colors in a majestic mosaic pattern? 

That’s exactly what Gabby & Matt had envisioned for their wedding day from the start. G & M hopped on a call with their vision and I was on board as soon as they mentioned “mountains” and “fall colors” because I knew it would make the most scenic, Colorado-esque, gallery, and would make for the most wanderlust, filled adventure for their wedding day. 

Scroll through this epic two day elopement in the heart of the San Juans in Telluride, Colorado!

G & M got engaged during the wild card that is 2020 and knew that they were putting their happiness first and foremost during the planning process. On our call together, I affirmed that their choice was the perfect one because they have spent so many years together that however they chose to celebrate their love is up to them! Exchanging vows with your soulmate is an intimate moment, and it’s your choice if you want to share that moment with your favorite people or host that moment between you and your soulmate. 

conventional wedding details displayed next to hiking boots outside of bride and grooms condo
overview image of a bride getting jewelry prepared with the only subject in focus is the bouquet on the table
image of corner of a cedar finished condo, with the top window slightly open and shadows showing against the wall

There’s nothing I love more than getting to refine an itinerary, and G & M had every step covered. G & M had planned to have their wedding and honeymoon in a single romantic getaway, and this granted them with a few days to scope out the candidates for the perfect location. This was one of the key components into them being able to fully customize their elopement day!

Telluride and the San Juan Mountains have been a bucket list location of mine since moving to Colorado and I wanted to pull out all the stops for G & M. We worked together and made use of almost all of the locations that the couple had in mind. They both wanted to highlight Telluride and its mountain town charm, as an homage to what made them fall in love with this picturesque town. As an upscale mountain destination, the town is made up of many photo-worthy spots from the native building styles to the towering aspens. 

G & M looked for some direction when it came to the photography timeline of events and how to make it come to life with how they wanted their day to flow. One of the things I include with every elopement is a personalized photography timeline so we can make sure that we photograph every precious moment. After coordinating the events, we came to conclusion that their wedding celebration would best be documented over two days. They wanted to capture the height of the ceremony but also the bliss of being newlyweds so that’s exactly what went for. 

In the moody lighting of clouds decorating the snow-kissed mountains, we hiked around a trail with views that looked over the mountain town. These photos captured G & M grins and giddiness of the events that followed. We built the anticipation up with a fun ride up the free gondola that connects travelers to the mountain views. Afterwards, we journeyed to the trailhead outside of town that led up to their chosen ceremony spot. With a striking view of the San Juan Mountains in the background dappled with golden aspens, they exchanged beautiful vows and promises of love. Afterwards, we went downtown to grab their ‘first drink’ in lieu of the traditional ‘first dance’ to celebrate. Once the happy couple had their celebratory drinks, we parted ways for the evening and they left for their dinner reservation. 

The mountains offered such a beautiful send-off for their evening, and a welcoming morning the following day. Before their elopement, we had chatted about ways to add some flare to their multi-day celebration in the mountains. After snowballing with some creative options, I left the decision making to them and they came up with the perfect morning: champagne & donuts! This is quite the way to start your first day as married folk. In a breakfast nook of their Airbnb, we splayed out the goods and sprinkled some of the precious wedding details from the day before. You couldn't have painted a better scene with the materials gives; the light flooding in the bay window after skipping its way across mountain peaks, the eruption of laughter after making the necessary face to chomp down on a mega donut, and the joyous comfort of being with your soul mate after spending the perfect day together and getting to end it with forever. Before we wrapped up, we went out into the neighborhood of G & M’s condo and took some more casual photos of them just embracing their first moments as a married couple. Their laughter and smiles filled the streets of this little mountain town.

Every elopement is unique and curated to each love story and how the couple wants to celebrate their love. I empower every client with the ability to write their story to how they want without an ounce of judgement. I make each step as stress-free as possible so that they can enjoy moment and soak up the emotions surrounding their wedding day. 

I’m always grateful for clients who lend their trust and time in exchange for beautiful photos that document their day in an authentic style. This makes my job as a photographer a breeze, and the energy of my couples bring to the table is just an added bonus!

Enjoy some of the moments from their special day! The beautiful details couldn’t have been made possible without the help of some of these amazing vendors. 

Photography | Brody Lee Photo Company

Location | Telluride, Colorado

Coordination | Kathleen with Telluride Presents

Silk Florist | Bridal Veil Floral

Rings | Bride - Vrai Groom - Staghead Designs

Donuts | Baked in Telluride

Vow Books | Forest Nine