An adventure through one of the biggest parks in colorado springs

These two are the perfect match for each other, and I knew I could see they were on the same wavelength and in tune with the other.

I met Neah through a previous job, and I knew her style was fun, quirky, and knew how to make a person feel great, which is why she works in esthetics. She owns her own business and studio at The Bearded Lady Wax Studio, and if you know me, you know I love supporting some local businesses so go check her out!

One day in September, we had got a chance to connect and planned an afternoon where we could meet up for some photos with her boyfriend, Saul. We chose that side of town to explore a park that was close to the mountains but still accessible for an adventure!

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is an open space area for recreational use for a variety of activities. During the summer time, you can find curious climbers on the rock faces and cyclists from all over venture to this park. In the off season of fall and winter, the park is still a great place to visit for its beautiful red and orange rock formations that are landmarks to the area, like Garden of the Gods Park. The diverse landscape and beauty of the park is what made me want to show Neah and Saul some cool places for photos!