Exploring the trails of a Palmer Park with dreamy, winter golden hour...

This session was planned with my friend + peer, Hannah with Hannah Rummel Photography, and we wanted to capture a fun, cozy adventure with a stunning view of Pike's Peak. Hannah reached out and got in touch with Tay & Jay, a couple who just recently moved from Hawaii to Colorado Springs and needed some fresh photos.

We met at the off-leash dog area, which is a fantastic place to spend time saying hi to some cute dogs! When we arrived, we were greeted by the cutest Labrador pups. After introducing ourselves and getting acquainted, we began down the trail to find a nice outcropping in the grass that was framed with some yuccas. We found this location at the same time as the sun opened up some beams for golden hour.

After talking about how they were liking Colorado Springs, Jay shared his passion for promoting men's mental health & awareness, which goes hand-in-hand with his occupation of being a personal coach by empowering them to be dialed in to their positive habits. Tay serves Colorado, and her home of Hawaii, to help people find their dream home as realtor. These two have a shared passion for experiencing new things together, and I'm so glad they were down for an adventure with two photographers! We celebrated with a pop of bubbly and cracked open some cans just for some variety of optics. We wanted to frame them like they were celebrating the end of a long hike with a celebratory sip!

Where is Palmer Park?

Palmer Park is located on a prominent bluff of Colorado Springs, and overlooks the lower corridors of the city so you can have a view from downtown to Garden of the Gods. The trails welcome all skill levels, with most of them being smooth and clear of debris. The central location of the park is convenient for local residents, and you can often find trail heads in the neighborhoods surrounding the park. Palmer highlights its location with a panoramic view of the Front Range with two viewing locations in the park. The limestone and sandstone bluffs, the fields of prairie grass and yucca, and the oak forests paint the true picture of the Colorado Springs landscape. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find a map that shows the location exactly where to find Palmer Park and how to get there.

Community over competition, always empowering others through unity.

Whenever it comes to working on a session together, Hannah made it a breeze. There were so many moments where we should've bumped into one another, but we communicated angles and rotated to get the center shots. I enjoyed getting to "ping-pong" energies to pose and prompt Tay & Jay, it made it feel so natural and captured authentic emotion in the shots. We were able to capture these behind-the-scenes moments in between locations, where we were hyping each other up when we saw the shot line up! It's an awesome feeling to partner with another creative to capture some photos and just enjoy working with one another.

Palmer Park Colorado Springs, CO

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