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This has been an age-old question between couples in all stages of life. 

“But do i really need a photographer?”

The matter at-hand isn’t a question of if you can suddenly weigh your options of drive-thru coffees or having memories of your special day. We try to think of so many other ways to cut corners in our lives to make these things happen, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a myriad of options when shopping for your photographer and the benefits far outweigh any macchiato (which I deeply love).

Bye-Bye Tech Stress

A continuing hiccup that many run into, is that Aunt Susan may not know 100% what she’s doing with that digital camera. Who knows what might happen when Aunt Susan plugs those photos into a computer? That reality is that those photos could be blurry, colors would look wonky, and, who knows really, if you are going to get the right photos. Let’s save Aunt Susan some time & energy, more importantly save time & energy for YOU. Selecting a photographer allows you to let go of the pain of catching the details, and a good photographer allows you to have your answers ready before you need to ask! Your photographer has all the professional gear needed to make sure your session is covered. A TON goes into a photographer’s tool belt and prep work for covering a session, from editing software to camera gear. Any devoted photographer is going to make sure they have everything they need to take you on as their client!

Perpetual Memories

Do you remember the feeling of sitting down on the floor of your grandma’s house and pulling out the family albums? If you haven’t, just imagine a vague plastic tote at the top of the closet that’s always seen, but never opened. Then finally cracking it open to see photos and faces of a different time but still feel connected to them. THAT, my friend, is one of life’s many joys. When you hire a photographer, you’re releasing the worry about getting every moment perfect for photos. Let life happen! A quality photographer will make sure that every moment is captured perfectly as it is, even those sweet in-between moments.

Your BEST Hype Person

Honestly, “hype” is overused yet underrated. It’s the only way to communicate the feeling of your photographer catching the best angle of your moment. It’s not only hype for the clients, but as photographers we get so passionate and we’re not afraid to show it either. We want you, the client, to know how much we do our best to BE in that moment with you, so much that we know the exact moment when it clicks. If you ask me, I might be biased, but it’s quite the rush. I want my clients to feel like the best and truest version of themselves. For sessions, I include a Step-by-Step Skincare guide just to layer some love. I know what it’s like to feel good in a bomb outfit, but sometimes my skin didn’t make me feel my best. This guide walks you through practical tips and tricks for acing your skin care routine, so you can have the full experience of owning your light

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Trust Your Gut

In the realm of photography, it’s an investment when you select a photographer. When it comes to committing to having a person tag along with a camera for hours, sometimes all day and night, it’s smart to choose wisely! I highly suggest finding a photographer that offers an exclusive one-on-one call. It might be tedious, but think about this for a second… if you are in the middle of a shoot, y’know cute poses with your person, the sunset, the whole nine--and then your photographer suggests a moving pose to sneak a candid moment, but the pose doesn’t land and your left feeling uncomfy *insert awkward silence* This could happen! It happens pretty darn frequently, actually. By getting that solo time with your photographer beforehand, everyone gets to be on the same page with ideas and intentions for the shoot. With Brody Lee Photo Company, we have our Inspo Hour. This comes from the word “inspiration” which is what the call is for, in its entirety! Sharing the ‘inspo’ for the session from outfits to location, we air out the details of what your day looks like.

Take a deep breath, and releaseee

Getting your memories in forever form shouldn’t be a hassle! At the end of the day, just make sure that you and your photog vibe together and you have your needs met with the services they provide. It’s an easier process than you think! Allow your photographer to work their magic and wait for the photos to arrive.

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